Conditions - Sunday Jan 13th

5/5 20/24 19
          Surface Conditions - powder & machine groomed powder
          Snowfall 24 hrs - 0cm
          Snowfall 7 days - 33cm
Lift Status         Comment         
Hades Quad OPEN  
Lucifer's Quad Standby          as required
Magic Carpet OPEN           
Heavenly Quad OPEN  
Revelation Quad OPEN     

Trail Difficulty Status         Comment         
Stairway OPEN  
Siren Closed  
Cerberus OPEN  
Lucifer's Lane OPEN  
Waterfall OPEN  
Inferno OPEN  
Limbo OPEN  
Pluto OPEN  
River Styx OPEN  
Achillies Heel OPEN  
Upper Paradise OPEN  
Lower Paradise OPEN  
Hade's Lane OPEN (4) features 
Purgatory Park OPEN  (15) features
The Meadows OPEN  
Zeus OPEN  
Beatrice OPEN  
Eden OPEN  
Elysian Fields OPEN  
Acheron Closed  
Salvation OPEN  
Revelation OPEN  
Hallelujah Closed  
Hallelujah Glades Closed  
Recreation Trails
New snow has fallen and the rec trails are in good shape. 
Use at own risk.
Wet spots on some sections of trail and trails groomed Jan 11th.
East to Glen Huron - groomed with icy sections. 

West to Switchbacks - natural boot packed,some wet areas and the climb is icy

Upper Trail Network - groomed Jan 11th

1.5km Skate Ski Loop at Top -  Groomed Jan 12th
Lift Operating Hours:
Weekends & Holidays: 8:30 - 4:30 (Sun 4:00)
Weekdays: 9:00 - 4:00
Christmas Day: Closed
Dec 24:  lifts close at 1:00
Dec 31: lifts close at 3:30
Jan 1: lifts open at 10:00
Terrain Park operates Fri - Sun

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